Live Digital Activities

Title Date Duration Start Times
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Tin Men And The Telephone2020-06-092 Hours19:00
WSA Games Virtual Arcade2020-06-164 Hours13:00
Painting Together2020-06-1845 minutes13:30
Painting Together2020-06-2445 minutes13:30
Painting Together2020-07-0345 minutes12:00
Painting Together2020-07-0645 minutes10:00
Cultivate! Can you help us Escape the Climate Change?2020-07-081 hour15:00
Psychological challenges of a pandemic in childhood & adolescence | Dr Angharad Rudkin | The SOTSEF chats2020-07-1430 minutes11:00
The rise of PeRSo, from bench to bedside | Dr Alex Dickinson | The SOTSEF Chats2020-07-1630 minutes15:30
Go Fish: Healthy fat facts2020-07-181 hour14:00
Painting Together2020-07-1845 minutes12:00
A community journey to 3D print PPE | Dr Kerrianne Harrington | The SOTSEF Chats2020-07-2130 minutes15:00
Go Fish: Healthy fat facts2020-07-251 hour14:00