2020 was designated as the International Year of Sound (IYS) by the International Commission for Acoustics but due to the current pandemic, celebrations of the IYS 2020 have been extended into the year 2021.

To give you a flavour for what the IYS is all about, we are bringing you the Southampton Sound Festival, a brand new feature digital event of this year’s SOTSEF, where to learn, explore, experience and find out more about the world of Sound.

The micro Festival is brought to you in collaboration with the University of Southampton Institute of Sound and Vibration (ISVR), an internationally renowned institute committed to improving the understanding of acoustics and vibration and their impact on the wellbeing of the community and the quality and performance of engineering products.

Just choose a bubble to explore the amazing world of Sound through the researchers at ISVR and the University Music Department.

And don’t forget to share your best creations or best recorded test with our researchers on the SOTSEF Diary!

To discover and access the digital content, just follow the icon

Absorbing Vibrations

Sound In 3D - An Acoustic Illusion

Four Seasons Soundscape

The Sound Sphere

Future Of Domestic Audio

Seeing Sounds

Acoustic Chamber Tours

The Sound Of Silence - How Does Noise Cancelling Work?

Acoustic Black Holes

Ultracache Scavenger Hunt Goes Digital!

Coffee And Bubbles And .... Acoustics?

Musical Carrots!

Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet? - Acoustics Special

Haroon Mirza - '/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\'

Semiconductor - Making Of HALO

Tune In To Sound: A Career In Acoustics


Digital Arts Event: Platform4 Present Invisible Music

Music In The Chambers