We hope you enjoyed visiting the SOTSEF goes Digital website and interacting with our new online resources. We would be delighted if you could leave us some thoughts and/or a drawing about our digital programme and the people behind it.

You can now use this space for:

  • Sending us comments and thoughts
  • Asking questions to our researchers, performers and artists - we will get in touch with them and post their answers on our social media. If you leave us your Facebook and/or Twitter username we will tag you directly in the post!
  • Sending us a drawing or a sketch

Things you need to know:

  • Selected messages and drawings might be used in printed and digital communications by the University of Southampton.
  • Messages and uploaded drawings will not be used in printed and digital communications by the University of Southampton unless you provide us with consent by ticking the dedicated box. You can also tell us if you wish to have your first name not associated with these materials.
  • Please note: your email address and details will only be used by the Festival team and will not be shared with third party providers.

If you wish to help the Festival team to improve our website, programme and digital content, then please take few minutes to fill in our anonymous questionnaire available here: How to SOTSEF questionnaire.

Just follow the instructions on the form and you can also enter the chance to win a tickets for two for a live event at Turner Sims, Southampton, once the new programme is released (1st prize) or a CD from their special collection (runner up).

If you have any questions or feedback about SOTSEF we'd love to hear from you. Connect with us via any of the methods below, or use our contact form to directly message us.

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